About us

Adapted Medical Solutions AB is a company active in the health care sector.
The company was founded in 1997 by Rickard Ånell, aviation and dive physician and specialist in orthopedics. He has extensive experience from various international troops and companies. He has been active in for example Bosnia, Ethiopia, Kamchatka, Afghanistan and the North Pole. Rickard is among others active in the Armed Forces, Disaster Medicine Centre and the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat.
The main customers are foreign-active agencies and companies in need of training, equipment, backup and monitoring. (4U) Adapted Medical Solutions delivers all this in place in Sweden or abroad. We are extremely flexible for each individual customer and almost all consultants have a background in special units with high international experience.
Our doctors cover specialties spanning from surgical traumatologist to psychiatrists. We base our training on the latest scientific knowledge and military experience.
We are Sweden's first faculty of TCCC training courses (Tactical Casualty Combat Care).
We are known for our high level of education, our great deal of practical training during the courses, as well as our custom scenario exercises in authentic settings.

We have everything from individual programs to the homecoming programs, monthly subscription and on-call around the clock!
From 2012-01-01 we offer all T1G educations in Sweden. >>Read more<<

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